Fundraising is a fantastic way to bring together a community to have fun through a common goal. Everyone can get involved and the more people taking part the more funds are likely to be raised.

Hints and tips for fundraising in your community

  • Invite some friends round and hold an hour-long sponsored silence at home
  • Organise a 60 minute treasure hunt in your local area and get friends to form teams after donating an entry fee
  • Hire a space in your local town hall or school to put on a 60 minute special film screening; charge a fee for entry to cover the cost and raise a donation; ask people to donate rainbow-themed cakes to sell after or during the show
  • Go trick or treating during Halloween and instead of treats, ask for a donation to Rainbow Trust. You could hand our flyers to your neighbours so they can learn more about us
  • Set up a Halloween face-painting area in your local shopping area and ask for a fee for a ghoulish makeover.
  • Download and decorate our rainbow postcards or posters and sell for a small donation. You could even make a donation yourself and surprise a loved one.