The Big Hour is about donating an hour of your time in recognition of the importance of an hour of support to a family who has a child with a serious illness. An hour of support from a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker can make all the difference to a family who has a child with a serious illness. Help us reach more families by using your extra hour to make someone else’s!

There are two ways you can make your hour count. Either work out how much you earn and hour and donate an hour of your salary, or use your hour to raise funds whichever way you want. Check out the wage exchange calculator and fundraising ideas below.

Wage exchange calculator

The power of your hour!

An hour of your salary could mean the difference between a family with a seriously ill child coping or falling apart. Work out how much you earn an hour and make it count by donating it to help families living every parent’s nightmare.

Form - Salary Calculator
  1. Tip

    Your hourly rate is based on the assumption that you work a full time, 8 hour day and is given pre-tax. If you’d like to donate a different amount you can amend the amount above.

Make it count

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