About the Big Hour | Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

The Big Hour is about the power of an hour! An hour of support from a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker can be the difference between a family coping or falling apart. By giving an hour of your salary or time you can make sure that we are there for families when they need us most.

Use your hour either by donating it via the wage exchange calculator or by using your time to raise money however you want. This could be a hour-long bake sale, quiz, sponsored silence, a lunch-time event or coffee-break – whatever works for you!

Every day more families are told the devastating news that their child is diagnosed with a life threatening condition. The impact on the child and their family can shatter their world in to a million pieces. So when they need someone to turn to, Rainbow Trust is here. From diagnosis, through treatment and if needed during end-of-life-care, bereavement and beyond.

By using your hour, you’ll be joining all those who believe that families facing the possibility their child may never reach adulthood should not have to cope alone. You’ll be joining the mission to ensure these families can make the most of every precious moment, helping Rainbow Trust continue its vital work.

So if you believe in making the most of every hour now’s the time to join in!

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