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Angelo’s Family Fund

Angelo’s Family Fund

This fund has been set up for Angelo Mavron

Angelo was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was five years old and we were referred to Zak, our Family Support Worker. Zak took Angelo and me to hospital for treatments and appointments. Having that support meant that we didn't have to manage the long days and journeys alone.

Zak also spent time with Angelo in the hospital so that I could take a break, get a cup of coffee or just get off the ward. He also supported the whole family, talking through any concerns and issues we had. Many families don't want to talk to the rest of their family about their fears as they don't want to burden them with any more than they have to so having someone to talk to, who won't get upset, is invaluable.

“Zak’s support was what we needed as a family, it was just perfect. I want to be able to help other families like my family was helped.”

We've raised £2,197.54 for Rainbow Trust so far

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Setting up a fund like Angelo’s Family Fund is a great way to raise money and help other families who have a seriously ill child. Money raised will go towards expert Family Support Workers who provide families that most precious of things - time together. Create your own Forever fund

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