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Charlie’s fund

Charlie’s fund

This fund has been set up for Katie Phillips

Jacob, is 9 and his twin brothers, Louis and Charlie, are three. Charlie was born with an undiagnosed condition and at three has just started walking. He can’t talk yet but is doing so well, he’s exceeded all expectations. Dawn, our Family Support Worker, started supporting us. Jacob struggled not having me around when Charlie was first born as I was in hospital with him for five months. Jacob was only six and felt like I wasn’t there for him. Dawn gave him that much needed one to one attention. He talked to her and she was there for him. That made such a difference to me knowing he had what he needed -I trusted Dawn with him.
Dawn helped with hospital appointments too. She collected Jacob from school and looked after him and Louis so I didn’t have to worry about entertaining three children while I spoke to doctors about Charlie.
We are supporting Rainbow Trust as much as we can, fundraising through skydives, cake sales and campaigns so that they can help more families like ours.

“Dawn’s help was a lifeline, just having someone else to turn to, to talk to and to just help made a huge difference to my family. ”

We've raised £1607.95 for Rainbow Trust so far

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  • Emma Dunbar

    Just donated now. You are doing so well Charlie so proud of you and loved watching the video of you walking x

  • Orange Class 17/18 Meon Infant School

    We raised money by making and selling clay ornaments. We heard about your story and how brave you are. We think Rainbow Trust to an amazing job!

  • Jack Stephenson

    Well done Charlie your smiling face is an inspiration to everyone

  • Solent Parent

    A donation of £10 from both my girls at Solent Infant School

  • Teresa rowe

    Sorry I couldn't help last week but here is a bit to help. Well done Jacob. Solent

  • Solent Schools

    Jacob, your big brother, organised an amazing fundraising day! All for a fabulous cause... £1345!!

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