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Francesca’s Fund

Francesca’s Fund

This fund has been set up for Francesca Dale

Francesca was six months old when we noticed an unusual lump in her cheek. When the lump got bigger, doctors told us she had cancer in her cheek. We were devastated for our little girl. Francesca also suffers from a rare neurological condition that prevents her from being able to smile, eat properly or speak clearly and is still undergoing treatment for her condition. Nicki, Francesca's Family Support Worker, continues to be there for the family every step of the way. She helps us with hospital appointments and comes over to play with Francesca, chat to me and keeps us company. She also spends time with Imogen, Francesca's older sister, when she is not at school. Nicki has been an immense support to us all and I wouldn't know where we would be without her.

We have set up this Forever Fund page to thank Rainbow Trust for their immeasurable support and to give back in any way we can.

“Without Rainbow Trust and the support they have given to us, we would have never got through the past six years.”

We've raised £5,739.53 for Rainbow Trust so far

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Setting up a fund like Francesca’s Fund is a great way to raise money and help other families who have a seriously ill child. Money raised will go towards expert Family Support Workers who provide families that most precious of things - time together. Create your own Forever fund

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