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George’s Rainbows of Hope

George’s Rainbows of Hope

This fund has been set up for George Michael

25 Jun 1963 - 25 Dec 2016

Having a big heart for child issues, George supported Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Taking on the role as a patron for them, he launched their 2007 fundraising appeal. His support gave children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses and their families much needed support to deal with the everyday life of a sick child.

We, as millions of his fans, can choose to give a little and build a lot. We can in our own way share our charity and build a new force of Lovely philanthropists in his honour. We of The George Michael Legacy Project commit to assist Rainbow Trust Children's Charity with support through fundraising and events. We also will take the time to celebrate the daily efforts of all who support the children and their families through their journey. Our event "Sharing Rainbow Hope" in June 2018 is GMLP's way of saying thanks.

“I can only imagine the immense loss of a child, and the value of an organisation which can help those left behind come to terms with their loss cannot be measured. George Michael 1997. ”

We've raised £859.14 for Rainbow Trust so far

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  • TeamGMLP, Inc.

    Please join us as we continue our support, together in Sharing Rainbow Hope. As George cared about the welfare of Children and compassion for thier families we continue that support and the wonderful care that the Support Workers give to the Children and their families who need that loving care in this time of doubt, their efforts bring Hope to everyday life to all members of a family in trying to live every day to the fullest. Please share your charity, in George's memory, for the children of Rainbow Trust...Thank you smile TeamGMLP, Inc.

  • TeamGMLP, Inc.

    June 23, 2018, London, UK...GMLP, Inc. Hosts "Sharing Rainbow Hope" Celebrating Friendships Old and New.
    A wonderful day with the Children and thier families of Rainbow Trust Children's Charity for an afternoon filled with Joy and friendship. Not only was this about the children but for thier Parents and other family members to have time to meet and greet and share their stores of support and strength. What better way then spending this wonderful way to Celebrate George's Birthday Weekend.

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Setting up a fund like George’s Rainbows of Hope is a great way to raise money and help other families who have a seriously ill child. Money raised will go towards expert Family Support Workers who provide families that most precious of things - time together. Create your own Forever fund

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