Family Support Workers like Bryan use sensory play to increase a blind child’s awareness of the outside world

Tilly-May was born with part of her brain missing. She has Cerebral Palsy and is blind.

She has three siblings and needing 24/7 care can put a strain on the family. As Jenny, her Mum, explains: “It’s especially hard when I am in hospital with her as sometimes I can be in there for two weeks at a time.”

Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker Bryan Short was introduced to Jenny when Tilly-May was four years old. “When he first came into the house, he knelt down next to Tilly-May and just let her stroke his face. As she is blind this is her way of feeling safe with people and knowing they are friendly and Bryan did it without batting an eyelid. As soon as Bryan came in the house …he would just walk straight over to Tilly-May and pick her up or spend time with her, which meant I could do other things.”

We can stay together as a family

“What makes Rainbow Trust so different from other charities is that … it’s focused on the whole family. Life would be so much harder without their support in our lives. It enables us to stay together as a family and go off and do things together, without leaving Tilly-May out of it.”

With Tilly-May approaching seven the family want to make the most of every day with her, but Jenny is reassured by the fact that Rainbow Trust will be there for her family for as long as they need them. “Rainbow Trust do an amazing job and we couldn’t live without them. And, when that time comes, it’s nice knowing Bryan will still be here with us to get us through that tough time..”