Amy works with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London where we’re piloting a unique Neonatal Family Support service that helps families cope with the pressures and complexities of having a new born baby in intensive care.

“The parents I support are focused entirely on spending every minute with the baby they expected to be perfectly healthy. My challenge has been to let people know I am here to help without being intrusive, I try to make this difficult time a little easier, just being there purely for the emotional and practical support that doctors and nurses so often don’t have time for.”

Meet Amy, Neonatal Family Support Worker

“I joined Rainbow Trust eight years ago as a Family Support Worker for the Cumbria and Lancashire team. I am the lead worker for our drop-in and sibling groups. Before I joined Rainbow Trust I worked in a children’s home as a residential social worker and as a pastoral care worker at a residential school.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Knowing that I am making a difference to the families I support. Several families say that the type of support Rainbow Trust provides cannot be found anywhere else.”

Meet Carol from the Lancaster team

“Working for Rainbow Trust humbles me, it keeps my feet on the ground and reminds me of what is important in life. The families that I support are allowing me into their lives at what is likely to be their worst times, this is precious. I support people of different ages and with different conditions and if I can make their day a little easier, help make happy memories or create a smile then its a job well done!”

Meet Sabrina from the North East team

“I am a Family Support Worker for the Greater Manchester team, I started working for Rainbow Trust in September 2013. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, running and watching my beloved Manchester City! I thoroughly enjoy working with children and families.”

What makes your job at Rainbow Trust worthwhile?

“Just being there for families whenever they need us and supporting them through such a difficult time”

Meet Sean from the Greater Manchester team

What do you love about being a Family Support Worker?

“My job as a Family Support Worker, gives me the opportunity to have new experiences every day, as the families I work with all require different types of support.

Being able to help the entire family and seeing how the smallest things can make the biggest difference is a lovely feeling! Seeing children and parents smile through the toughest of times is definitely the best part of my day.”

Meet Brodie from the Manchester Team

​“Before working at Rainbow Trust, I worked in Children’s Centres and as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary school. I love my job and feel privileged that families welcome me in to help them through difficult times. Everyday is so different, and it’s great meeting new people and making things a bit more manageable for them.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Knowing that I have made things a little easier for families, and how happy parents are when they see their children smiling and having a good time.”

Meet Paisley from the Swindon team

“I joined Rainbow Trust in 2015 after 15 years working in special and mainstream schools as an HLTA and Nurture leader. I love to cook, run and walk my gorgeous Collie, Molly when not at work. I was also briefly a service user myself when my daughter died and know what a difference having someone there to talk to makes.”

What do you love most about your job?

“No two families are the same. To be able to go the extra mile for them at a challenging time and make a difference to someone’s day, is a privilege.”

Meet Claire from the Southampton team

“I am a mum to two grown up daughters and a grandma to my grandson whom I absolutely adore and am fortunate enough to see regularly. I have worked for Rainbow Trust for over 14 years and supported many families during this time. I love the fact that we see the child and family first not the illness, we help the family to be just that ‘a family’.”

What’s the best thing a family has said to you?

“One dad said that he wished every family could have a ‘Nicki’.”

Meet Nicki from the Surrey team

“I’ve been working for Rainbow Trust for the past five years now and I love making a difference in people’s lives. I feel the work I do is worthwhile from just the simple things such as knowing that the transport I provide to a family allows parents to spend some quality time with their child who is in hospital.”

“I love seeing the children’s faces light up when their having fun.”

Meet Zak from the West London team

“I work with families that have cardiac children treated at the Evelina hospital and have been doing this for two years. My job is the result of a partnership between Rainbow Trust and the Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation.”

What do you love most about your job?

“I love the challenge of supporting each family according to their wishes, rather than just offering them a pre-set “package” of services. I’ve learnt a lot from these families who find strength and positives in the worst situations imaginable.”

Meet Diana, Cardiac Support Worker

“My name is Nazia and I have been working at Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity for over 8 and a half years. I love my job because I get to be a part of families lives. It is a privilege that they allow me to be a part of their difficult journey.”

What makes your job worthwhile?

“The best thing about my job is knowing that a little bit of my help, makes a difference in their lives. It doesn’t make it all better, but a it does make it a little easier.”

Meet Nazia from the Essex team

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